PixelBlended’s Top 3 Picks for Fall 2015

Hey guys! Kireblue and StarTrinity009’s Top 3 posters are back. Due to complications, the posters were put on-hold, but now they are back with a better, simplistic format. We are very satisfied with the updated look, and we hope you are too!

Fall 2015 - Top 3 Picks with kireblue & StarTrinity009

PixelBlended’s Top 3 Picks for Winter 2015

Well, it’s finally here! We sincerely apologize for how horrendously late this poster is, but please enjoy it anyway. These are kireblue and StarTrinity009’s Top 3 Picks for the Winter 2015 anime season.

Winter 2015 - Top 3 Picks with kireblue & StarTrinity009

VCA Champions!

PixelBlended Studios is proud to announce that 7 of its 9 members won Viewers’ Choice Awards on a-m-v.org this year. We sincerely congratulate them on their impressive achievements. The winners are as follows:

Best Character Profile – Fionn’s Curse – irriadin
Best Collaborative Video – Final Spark – Xophilarus and Shin AMV
Best Dramatic Video – Hot Commodity – GuntherAMVs
Best Multi-Editor Project – Identity Crisis – l33tmeatwad and kireblue (as well as the fabulous editors Amaterasu, BecauseImBored1, Gaelstrom, Pauratagashi22, PieandBeer, drewaconclusion, and nosamvs who work outside of PB)
Best Trailer or Commercial – Kill La Bill – kireblue
Best Comedy Video – Ship Happens – VivifxAMV
Best Use of Special Effects – Ship Happens – VivifxAMV
Most Improved Editor – VivifxAMV

The 2015 VCA Finals with PixelBlended Studios – Part 1

One hour until “The 2015 VCA Finals with PixelBlended Studios – Part 1!” Yes, that’s right, only Part 1! Due to the predicted length of the stream, our event now has two parts, one tonight (3/10) at 10 pm EST and another tomorrow (3/11) at 10 pm EST. We hope you can join us for both.

AND WAIT! There’s more. PB will have two different streams of this event, one with commentary and one without it. If you want awesome commentary, hang out with us at http://www.livestream.com/PixelBlended. If you just want to enjoy the videos, please go to http://www.livestream.com/l33tmeatwad.

The 2015 VCA Finals with PixelBlended Studios

Exciting news PB fans! PixelBlended is hosting a Livestream event next Tuesday, March 10, 2015 starting at 10pm EST. We will watch the 2015 AnimeMusicVideos.org Viewers’ Choice Awards Finalists and provide commentary. Please join us for the awesomeness! http://www.livestream.com/PixelBlended

PixelBlended’s Top 3 Picks for Fall 2014

TADA! kireblue and StarTrinity009’s seasonal anime poster is finally available. Find out their top 3 picks for the Fall 2014 anime season! You may just find your next anime to watch…

Fall 2014 - Top 3 Picks with kireblue and StarTrinity009

PixelBlended’s Top 3 Picks for Summer 2014

PixelBlended’s summer picks with kireblue and StarTrinity009 are finally here! There were too many good shows this season, so the picks took a while. However, thank you for supporting us, and we will see you again when fall season ends. We already have some picks in mind!

PB Summer 2014 Picks

PixelBlended Studios @ Anime Weekend Atlanta 2014

Are you going to Anime Weekend Atlanta?  Join us for AMV Gameshow on Friday September 26th starting at 5:00 pm in the VAT.  Also, don’t forget to support irriadin as he attempts to defend his Iron Editor title on Saturday September 27th at 6:30PM in the VAT.  We will also have several members participating in the creator spotlights on Friday September 26th starting at 1:00 pm and on Saturday September 27th starting at 11:30 am in the VAT.  PixelBlended Studios scheduled time slots are listed below.

Friday Sept. 26th
1:30 – 1:45 pm:  irriadin
1:45 – 2:00 pm:  Vivifx
2:30 – 2:45 pm:  l33tmeatwad

Saturday Sept. 27th
12:15 – 12:30 pm:  kireblue

We hope to see you there!

PixelBlended Studios @ Otakon 2014

If you are going to Otakon make sure to stop by the AMV room to check our panels.  AMV 101 will be on Friday from 11:00AM to 12:30PM and AMV Gameshow will be on Saturday from 12:00PM to 1:00PM.

PixelBlended’s Top 3 Picks for Spring 2014

With the spring anime season concluding, and the new summer season beginning, kireblue and StarTrinity009 would like to share with you their top 3 picks of the past season. Please enjoy their comments this Independence Day and expect more once summer ends!

Spring 2014 - Top 3 Picks with kireblue & StarTrinity009