C. Preparing Source

The following are very basic tutorials to get you through the process of preparing source material to use with your editing software. We recommend that you look over the AMV Basics section and make yourself familiar with the term reference guide at the bottom of this page before continuing.

  1. Handling DVD
  2. Handling Blu-ray
  3. Handling 3D Blu-ray
  4. Handling MKV & MP4
  5. Using AviSynth Filters

Term Reference Guide:
AVC – Compression format commonly used for the video stream on Blu-ray discs, also known as H.264.
VC-1 – Compression format that is sometimes used for the video stream on Blu-ray discs.
MPEG-2 – Compression format used for the video stream on DVDs.
VOB – File container for DVD audio and video. (ex. VTS_01_1.VOB)
M2TS – File container for Blu-ray audio and video. (ex. 00001.m2ts)
MP4 – File container used for storing audio and video streams. (ex. video.mp4)
MKV – Matroska Media Container, used for storing audio and video streams. (ex. video.mkv)
AviSynth – Frameserving software used to process and clean up videos.
AviSynth Plugins – DLL files that AviSynth can use to manipulate the video output.
AVS – AviSynth files which are editable in notepad. Used for opening VOB, M2TS, and MKV files in VirtualDub. (ex. DVD.avs)
AVSI – Autoloading AviSynth scripts that contain functions which you can use in AVS files. They need to be stored in the same location as AviSynth plugins and usually require specific plugins to work.
D2V – Project file for DGMPGDec, used for indexing VOB or m2ts files for use with AviSynth.