Anime Recommendation: Tonari no Seki-kun

Tonari no Seki-Kun

-written by GuntherAMVs-

Tonari no Seki Kun is one of the more inventive, unselfconscious shows I’ve seen. After running across a video of it’s opening (in which the main male character, in a demonstration of meta-animation at its finest, literally draws and processes the opening credits while the opening of the show is occurring), I immediately fell in love with its light-hearted mood and nearly pointless antics.

On first glance, it functions much like Hetalia Axis Powers in that the episodes are short, nonlinear, and often circulate around a single plot for seven minutes of animation or so. Also like Hetalia and other series of short episode length, Seki Kun is a comedy. The two main characters, Yokoi and her frequently distracting classmate Seki-kun, engage in an almost Abbot and Costello act during lecture or extra-curricular activities at school.

One of the most interesting mechanics of the show is the dialogue. Seki-kun does not speak, and instead the viewer must rely on Yokoi’s frantic inner monologues and observations in order to understand the evolution of both characters. Often Yokoi’s personal views distort the image of what she sees, yet the show manages to walk the tight-rope of subjective and objective accounts with an acrobatic ease.

While Tonari no Seki Kun has no overarching plot-arcs or greater purpose besides making the viewer laugh, I thoroughly enjoy the series. The episodes are short, to the point, and every single one reveals just a little more about the two lovable, quirky characters who not only tolerate one another, but bring out one another’s best (at the most inopportune times!).

Happy watching~!

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