Anime Recommendation: Hunter × Hunter

Hunter X Hunter

-written by l33tmeatwad-

Hunter x Hunter has been twice adapted to anime from the manga written by Yoshihiro Togashi. While both adaptations of Hunter x Hunter are very good, I definitely recommend watching through the first one before watching the most recent version which is currently airing in Japan. The original anime was forced to end after catching up with the manga and would have OVA releases once enough new material was produced. Due to the length of the next story arch and period of time between the last OVA and when they would have had enough material to continue it probably seemed best to completely reboot the series. I was excited to see a reboot as I knew it would cover the new material.

In Hunter x Hunter being a hunter is not what the English word would lead you to believe, they can have a career in a variety of different fields and the status of hunter gives them access and privileges that normal people would not have. The story centers on a young boy named Gon who decides to become a hunter like his father so that he may track him down. As the story develops a variety of new characters are introduced and most end up befriending Gon due to his charming personality. The most addictive part about this series is how your view of everything changes as things are revealed and it leaves you with more questions that need answering. The world in this series is very complex and makes it hard to really explain the series without giving away major spoilers so I will simply encourage you to give it a try so that you can experience it with a fresh point of view.

While watching through the new series I noticed huge chunks of the original were cut to help speed the series along, which is very similar to what happened with the FullMetal Alchemist reboot. While the material that was cut is not necessary to the overall storyline, it really lacked that depth and character development that really added charm to the characters. Whether you chose to watch the original or the reboot, Hunter x Hunter is an amazing series that will have you captivated with the world that Yoshihiro Togashi created.

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