Anime Recommendation: Steins;Gate


-written by snapxynith-

Our hero Rintaro Okabe, resident mad scientist and dabbling romantic, leads himself upon a quest against the “organization”. Conspiracy around every turn, he fights with the might of his inventory of Future Gadgets. In his search for discovery behind the mysteries of Phone Microwave and the gel bananas it produces, he stumbles upon curious phenomina that begin to radically alter his world and the fantasy he thought to be only playing. With a murder on the horizon, odd changes to his city, and curiouser events popping up every minute, what is a mad scientist to do?

As we follow him, we find that Rintaro must not run but fight against the rages of time and inevitability to bend the bounds of causality, not for the world, not for justice, but for love and friendship.

Steins;Gate is a series with twists, turns, and rich character development honoring the visual novel it works to adapt to the screen. This series is great in small stints or marathon doses and with the recently added movie, this series gives potential fans even more reason to jump on the bandwagon. Steins;Gate comes with 24 episodes, an OVA, and a sequel movie to the series to keep the fun coming.

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