Anime Recommendation: Urusei Yatsura

Urusei Yatsura

-written by l33tmeatwad-

Urusei Yatsura was adapted to anime from the popular manga series of the same name created by Rumiko Takahashi, who you may recognize as the creator or InuYasha or Ranma ½.  Similar to other series by this author, it focuses more on introducing eccentric characters and the interaction between them as opposed to being centered around a main storyline.  This style of show makes it easy for anyone to jump in and enjoy at any point.

The show starts off focusing on a perverted young man named Ataru Moroboshi who was randomly selected by aliens to fight on behalf of everyone on earth to determine the fate of everyone.  Initially he refuses, but after finding out his opponent will be Lum, the beautiful daughter of the alien ruler, he agrees.  After using underhanded tactics to win, Ataru accidentally says something that Lum mistakes for a proposal and she agrees to marry him.  Despite his initial refusal to actually marry her, she ends up living at his house and he often will display jealousy if anyone attempts to steal Lum away from him.  As the series progresses new characters are introduced and each episode is filled with quirky situations that end up being blamed on Ataru.

Overall Urusei Yatsura is an enjoyable series and the character interactions make it a joy to watch.  While it is a great show, it is definitely best in small doses as trying to marathon it may create a sense of repetitiveness when watching. With 195 episodes, 6 movies, and OVAs as well you will definitely have plenty to enjoy with this series.

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