Anime Recommendation: Galaxy Fraulein Yuna Returns


Ayuki Shinbou’s second attempt at creating Madoka Magica
-written by snapxynith-

Part of the unwalked path of anime, Yuna came to be as an excuse for Mika Akitaka to draw girls in power suits and his own flavor of Gundam while poking at magical girl tropes in a tongue in cheek manner. The original series focuses on the ever optimistic girl who literally has no evil in her heart. Ayuki’s direction of this sequel focuses on the problems of having a girl of pure light in a very dark world and the problems with being a magical girl. This is the second time he worked with that scenario, the first being Devil Hunter Youko.

You can see many of the visual conventions of Shinbou still growing in this work but for the most part the anime stays within the boundaries of the mid 90s production tropes. Especially the higher budget layover from the 80s, missing the classic budget saving animation tricks he started implementing in the studio SHAFT.

I would recommend Yuna to anyone wanting a walk down anime history lane to watch the progression of magical girl deconstruction.

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